“From Stomach Cancer To Surviving and Thriving” With Millie McConnell


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EPISODE 32 ft. Millie McConnell – Do you know someone diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer with a low survival rate? Do you know someone who has survived against all odds, shocking doctors along the way? My podcast guest, Millie McConnell did just that. And the secret to her success? The mind. She joins me on this podcast to share her approach through a very difficult time in her life and how she overcame it with a mindset that many people should adopt in their lives as well.

Millie McConnell survived Stage 3B Signet Ring Stomach Cancer to the shock of many surrounding her. She travels and shares her story today with organizations who are raising awareness for stomach cancer. She speaks on local television stations to draw attention to her cause and is a huge advocate for funding for stomach cancer research by NCI.

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