“Relaxing Muscles, The Paradox of Reducing Exercise, And The Power of Laser Acupuncture” With Dr. Minesh Naran


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EPISODE 27 ft. Dr. Minesh Naran – Did you know that NOT exercising when you’re recovering from pain can actually make you better? When everyone is telling you to exercise when you’re undergoing therapy for your muscles and joints, practitioners like today’s guest, Dr. Minesh Naran, advise you not to do elevate your exercise regimen. It helps with continuously releasing the muscle knots and relaxing them for improved recovery. Dr. Minesh also works with a form of laser acupuncture that is painless and capable of relieving pain at specific areas around joints and muscles.

Dr. Minesh Naran, originally from South Africa, is a certified doctor in trigger point therapy, focusing on releasing knots in the muscles. He was a general practitioner for 29 years but now focuses only on trigger point therapy and laser acupuncture because of the results he sees in his patients. Dr. Naran was certified in Washington D.C. after learning under the very same people who learned the methodologies that were used by Dr. Travell who handled John F. Kennedy’s back pain.

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