“Healing Chronic Pain Using Stem Cells” With Dr. Atluri


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What if you could heal chronic pain with new cells? What if you could regenerate your cells to overcome the pain with healing instead of destructive measures like injections and surgery? This can be done by an innovative technique with stem cells. This is what Dr. Alturi joins me to discuss on the podcast. He breaks down the essence of why stem cells work to heal chronic pain, the methods, and areas to look out for to ensure you get the best treatment possible.

Dr. Atluri, not only is he a pain specialist, he’s an anesthesiologist in Cincinnati, Ohio. But a couple of years ago, he became the founder and the CEO of a company called StemCures, and now this is his new passion and he gains much enjoyment of helping people and seeing the benefit of this new innovative treatment that is coming across America and is a valid treatment for many these days.

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