“Love and Connection In Managing Pain” With Dr. Melissa Cady


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Did you know that chronic pain is affected by emotions? Because of this, what if you could overcome pain just by engaging in actions that create positive emotions? This is what Dr. Melissa Cady joins me on this podcast episode to discuss. She breaks down how building connection increases your energy, positively affects pain reduction, and helps to pave the way for decreased opioid use. She also gives practical methods for how opioid dependency can be reduced.

Melissa Cady, D.O. is an American-trained osteopathic physician who is dual board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine. Known as the Challenge Doctor, she addresses the root cause of pain with better education as a critical component. She released her book, PAINDEMIC, which emphasizes patient engagement, advocacy, and self-care throughout the pain journey. She also manages PainOutLoud.com which showcases stories of those who have overcome their pain.

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