“The All Star Team of The Mind And Body” with Charlie M


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EPISODE 26 ft. Charlie M – Did you know that pain isn’t always tied to an injury? We tend to think that acute injuries are tissue damage, but there’s always a deeper reason why that pain started. If there was no physical trauma, what could be the cause? Charlie M joins us today to dive deep into how our mind affects the pain we feel in our body. We discuss the triggers, the aha moments, and the relief that people experience when they discover the causes of their pain.

Charlie Merrill is a Boulder, Colorado based licensed physiotherapist and owner of Merrill Performance. He’s prototyped and patented mobility tools and is currently working on designing minimalist shoes. He’s been featured in books and magazine articles, has a growing presence on YouTube and Instagram, and is creating his next work called “The Merrill Method”. He teaches nationally and internationally and is currently writing curriculum to teach other body workers, athletes, and people in pain how they can use “The Merrill Method” to help themselves and others get and stay well.

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