“The Problem Of The Leaky Gut And What To Do About It” With Nancy Crites


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What if your body was like the check engine light on a car? What if your body displayed “symptoms” that told you to check your body for a problem? The problem we face is that we don’t know these are actually symptoms! Nancy Crites joins me on this podcast to discuss the symptoms that arise in our gut that affect our bodies as a whole, how to alleviate leaky gut, and the process for living a better life without inflammation.

Nancy helps women reverse their inflammation and autoimmune disease so they can enjoy a life of vibrant health and freedom. Having been a professional educator in public schools for 30 years and observing how diet impacted her students’ ability to focus, learn and function effectively, she knew people needed to learn a better way. They needed to be educated on the effects of nutrition on mental, emotional and physical health.

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