“The Profound Effects Of Sound Healing” With Elizabeth Mueller


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Did you know that because the body is made up of water, sound sends vibrations through it? What if we could use sound vibrations to eliminate pain? This is exactly what Elizabeth Mueller discusses on this podcast episode. She focuses on sound therapy, a form of healing that relieves tension from the body. She breaks down the science behind it as well as her case studies to demonstrate it.

Elizabeth has studied many different traditions of yoga and honours them all including Kriya/Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Sound Therapy Massage with Tibetan Bowl, gongs, bells and drums. Elizabeth has her healing practice in Harrison Hot Springs. She works with elders and seniors in the community bringing healing, breathwork and movement. She offers workshops, ongoing classes and individual treatments to those who seek out alternative healing practices. Her teachings are a blend of her experiences, like the precision of the Iyengar tradition, the flow of a Vinyasa Class and the deep realization of Ancient Kriya. Since 2000 Elizabeth Mueller has been a full time teacher, offering classes and Yoga Seminars and Holidays on boats and in ancient ruins in Italy, Turkey, Germany, India, Austria and throughout British Columbia.

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