“The Roadmap of Pain Management And Recovery” With Dr. Stephen F. Grinstead


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We all know that chronic pain management requires immense care with proper knowledge. But did you know that there is a roadmap that health professionals can follow? If you’re a health professional, what if you could follow a roadmap that allows you to take the right steps to working with your patient? Dr. Stephen Grinstead joins me to discuss the methodologies and strategies for pain management on this podcast.

Dr. Grinstead was the Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of A Healing Place—A Residential and Intensive Outpatient Chronic Pain Management Program in Camarillo California. He is author of the book Freedom from Suffering: A Journey of Hope as well as author of several other pain management books including Managing Pain and Coexisting Disorders, and the Addiction-Free Pain Management® Recovery Guide.

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