“Tuning In To The Sensation Of Pain” With Karin Winger


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EPISODE 29 ft. Karin Wagner – Ever wondered what would happen if you faced your pain head on instead of running from it? That’s exactly what Karen Winger speaks about on this insightful podcast today. She explains what happens when we tune in to the sensations we feel to heal our relationship between the mind and the body.

Karin Wagner is a Certified Advanced practitioner of Rolfing(R) Structural Integration. She has a BA in Women’s Health and a blackbelt in Ki Aikido. She has 15 years of experience providing bodywork and movement sessions for adults, children, and babies. Karin teaches classes for the public on a wide range of health topics including the nervous system, the biology of pain, foot health, posture, walking, and sitting. Her website is full of free information, links, and recommended reading: www.portlandrolfer.com

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