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Hello and welcome to the first episode of ResponseAU and I’m your host Phillip Mitchell. This is our first episode, and in it we will set the scene for what’s to come. The initial function of this podcast is to provide you the listener a place to come and hear from the responders you know and may have served with now or in the past. We’ll be recording interviews with individuals from as many different groups of responders, initially we hope to kick things off with our second episode called “The captains of the Knox Group” This will be a pre recorded one on one interview with the Knox group captains I can only expect that we may find out some hidden gems and answers to things we may have only wondered about. Some of the groups we intend including in these series are, Fire Police Ambulance SES Army Navy Air Force Security Doctors Nurses Mines Rescue Snow Rescue NGO’s Government Departments If you can add to this list please contact us, you can send us your thoughts and suggestions from our website and we will try to cover all we can. So stay tuned and maybe even subscribe so you will know when new content is added. Phillip Mitchell

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