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Thank you for listening to my radio show! My name is Dr. John D Rich, Jr. I am an educational psychologist, former United Methodist minister, and associate professor of Psychology at Delaware State University, with expertise in effective parenting and teaching. My goal for this radio show is to explore all of the ways that psychology can help us become better people, and build a better society. I am actively seeking guests from different walks of life, who are interested in engaging in conversation and reflection about how we can all navigate through this messy and challenging thing called life.
I believe that most people desire to live a happy, ethical life. I also believe that we can come closer to achieving that desire when we think intentionally and consciously about the decisions that our lives present to us. I am looking forward to conversations with guests who can model for us the delightful challenges that guide us toward self-fulfillment.
You can see my writing on my website at drjohnrich.com. In addition, my writing also appears on esteemed websites like the ones for Psychology Today, the American Psychological Association, the Good Men Project, Edutopia (funded by the George Lucas Foundation) and a news site in New Hampshire. I have also written research-based product reviews for Strider bicycles, a website for teachers called polleverywhere.com, and a child security system called Jiobit. Finally, I have landed a publishing contract for a book that will be released in March. In addition to the places where my online writing has appeared, I have been published in over 40 different academic journals on topics related to teaching and parenting.
My one hour show will be broadcast every Friday at 6PM est at ipmNation.com/live2. You can also hear my show on demand at ipmNation.com/djn.

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