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That's a crazy story, so I'll try to do it as short as I possibly can. So like you said, I work across industries, I worked globally and I work with everybody from people you'd expect to have a publicist, like TV people, movie people, musicians, authors, public speakers, but I also work with entrepreneurs.

A lot of what I do is educate entrepreneurs and small business owners and executives on how to build their own brand, their own personal brand, their reputation for thought leadership, [00:01:00] which, helps them, whether they're looking for investment, whether they're looking for another job, whether they're looking to attract customers, whether they're looking to elevate themselves above their peers, whatever it is that their goals are.

Getting some media attention, that you're not buying, is what does it. So that's what I do. And on the entrepreneur's side, my client list currently includes luxury real estate agent, personal chefs, forensic expert in marketing expert, neuroscientist, psychologist, integrative medicine specialists.

So anybodywho has a message,, which is really all of us, either a message or a story or something to get out there. I don't like the term public relations, and I need to have a new description of what I do. And it just kind of popped out at me once in the podcast, and since then I've been using it like a tagline, but elevate and celebrate. So basically what I do is elevate and celebrate what everybody's doing.

So I point a spotlight, whether it's the entrepreneur doing something neat, or whether it's a singer, an actor, I'm like, look, look what they're doing over here. Because that's what you need in this noisy crowded world to get attention.

So instead of people [00:02:00] buying advertising, they hire me and then I spend the whole month or the three month period or whatever it is finding opportunities to get them on stages, to have them lauded at awards shows, to get them interviewed that kind of thing.

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