Ep. 6: The Medium and the Time Machine


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When Katharina was 10 years old, her parents packed up their possessions, moved out and joined "The Family," a New Age cult that started in Germany and moved around a bit before settling in a Belize jungle. The group was led by a controlling man who managed a woman claiming to be a medium. Both favored inappropriate relationships with minors and encouraged other members of the cult to do the same.

Katharina's childhood experiences included separation from her parents, sexual abuse, underage labor, denial of emotions and the bizarre fashioning of a time machine. She made her way out and now directs Stronger After, an online resource for people harmed by coercive groups and relationships. https://www.stronger-after.org/

In this episode, we'll hear her story and thoughts on the psychological impacts of high-control groups on children.

*This episode contains descriptions of sexual abuse and violence. Listener discretion advised.

**Image courtesy of Katharina Meredith

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