Protecting your marriage in troubled times with Shaunti Feldhahn


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Shaunti joins us to talk about how to protect your marriage in the middle of huge stressors.

“Couples stuck at home during this pandemic may feel alone -- with each other and their money worries. But it’s possible to leverage this crisis to permanently improve a relationship. Your marriage can come out stronger than ever before.”

About- Shaunti Feldhahn earned her graduate degree at Harvard University and was a Wall Street analyst before becoming a best-selling author and social researcher. Shaunti’s books, often co-authored with her husband Jeff, have sold 3 million copies in 25 languages. Their latest is Thriving in Love & Money: 5 Game-Changing Insights about Your Relationship, Your Money, and Yourself. Shaunti’s research has been featured in outlets such as The Today Show and The New York Times.

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