Election 2: Becoming Tracy Flick


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A pointed political satire from Sideways director Alexander Payne, Election gave a young Reese Witherspoon the role of a lifetime as Tracy Flick, a hyper-ambitious young student who invokes the impotent rage of frustrated middle school teacher Matthew Broderick.

Two decades on, the narrative of a highly qualified female politician being judged more for her likability than her qualification feels more relevant than ever. With that in mind, having survived Broderick's attempted sabotage in the original movie, we were interested to discover where Tracy might go next...

Find out in this week's episode, in which we also discuss 90s movie driving, lies in voiceover, why wildcard candidate Tammy might have accidentally predicted Donald Trump and more...


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00.00: Matthew Broderick gives excellent middle-aged loser

22.55: Election Drinking Games

33.55: Election 2: Promotion

44.45: Election 2: Becoming Tracy Flick

54.10: Episode 136 Preview & Listener Submissions

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