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It was the year 2XXX and ALL THE PUNKS WERE DEAD. Yes. Sorry. The President wasted them all. Or was it the Prime Minister? That is unclear. But they were all gone, all of them. All of them, that is... except you. You were the final punk. And everything was depending on you. But the world was a wasteland, and you were lost in it. Heavy with shame, and the specter of failure, you crawled along the land, parched, and begged for mercy. But then, a commanding voice sounded in your ears. That voice was coming from right here. From this very website. It was BODHI DJ BODHI. He had the old, sacred vinyl. It was what you needed. He wanted to PARTY WITH YOU. That's why you're here. This show is that party. It’s done with a clenched fist and a massive pogo. It's called “PARTY WITH ME, PUNKER." XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Listen live every Wednesday 5-6pm MST here or wait for the podcast upload every Thursday. If you enjoy the show, you can make BodhiDJBodhi very happy by sharing it, liking it, reviewing it, or by doing something foul with it. If you want a T-shirt, email

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