006 :: Workplace Burnout - Dr. Geri Puleo, PhD in Management, researcher and speaker (USA)


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Our very first interview! We have Dr. Geri Puleo with us for a deep (but also joyful) conversation about her work and research about burnout in the workplace. We discuss what stressors can lead to burnout, how to identify if your organisation is promoting burnout, who is more likely to suffer from it and what to do to prevent and recover from it. Geri’s research focuses on burnout during organisational change and we talk about how drastic changes with poor leadership can cause employees to burnout. Dr. Geri is offering a special deal to one of her amazing online courses: :: Job Burnout: When to Stay, When to Go, What to Do :: https://dr-geri-puleo.teachable.com/p/job-burnout-when-to-stay-when-to-go-what-to-do Using the coupon code BETTER20 you get $20 discount ($199 regular price and $179 with our discount). Please note that the offer does not apply to the 3-payment plan (3 monthly payments of $69). :: Resources :: Geri’s TEDx Talk about Burnout and PTSD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFkI69zJzLI B-DOC (Burnout during organizational change) whitepaper https://drgeripuleo.lpages.co/b-doc-white-paper/ Dr. Geri Puleo’s website https://a-new-way-to-work.com/ The Better Achiever https://www.thebetterachiever.com

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