Wave of Metal


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Let me tell what “Wave of Metal” is about. My channel on Youtube (NWOTHM Full Albums) is focused on new bands that play traditional heavy metal heavily influenced by what many legendary bands did in the 80’s. We call that the NEW WAVE OF TRADITIONAL HEAVY METAL. But even the subgenre tag was imported from the 80’s, as all you almost certainly know the NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL. So the world “wave” has been intimately connected to the music I like. Add to this mix US and European 80’s and early 90’s Power Metal, Bay Area Thrash, Sunset Strip Hair Metal, and a pinch of American and Swedish Death Metal and you’ll realize that metal comes in waves. This is why the podcast is called “Wave of Metal”. Wave of Metal is a new podcast offered by NWOTHM Full Albums. In each episode the host Anderson Tiago will receive a guest to talk about all things heavy metal.

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