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Questions about the Gifts and Passions Test from our 24toDouble Members with Pastor Jerry Lawson

Call Notes including questions about the Gifts and Passions Test

  • The Bait of Satan by John Bevere
  • What giving platform do you recommend? –SecureGive, MortarStone
  • What database software do you recommend? –FellowshipOne, Shelby for accounting, Planning Center
  • I know you said no one has all the gifts, but what do you with people who score high across the board on the Gifts and Passions test?
  • Is there a website or software that you recommend to plot out the locations of your membership, so you can determine where most of your members are coming from?
  • On the Leadership Matrix, where would my deacons and leadership board fall on there?
  • When should we actually be giving the Gifts and Passions Test?
  • Any advice on how to keep older members “plugged in”?
  • If we are supposed to meet every month, how should we plan out our meetings?
  • We are a small church, we don’t have the budget to invest in software, do you have any recommendations for software to track our attendees.
  • Daystarchurch – YouTube channel
  • We have set up three teams so far, how do I incorporate the Five Fold with the Outreach and Children’s Ministry?
  • Spiritual Gifts – Your Job Description from God by Dr. Owen Weston

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2019-09-19-#58.mp3 [00:00:05] Well all right guys. Good afternoon and welcome to the monthly 24todouble call. I am Pastor Jerry Lawson and I'll be hosting our call today. Richard can't be with us today so it's going to be me leading the call answering the questions and of course the mastermind of the operation behind the curtain is Miss Jessica in Atlanta. And so she's taking care of all things technical and so you can begin by getting in the queue if you have a question you'd like to ask. Just press on your phone star 6 and in just a moment we'll get to the Q and A time and I'll be able to ask you even ask questions on the answer your questions I know we already have some folks in the queue so if you want to get your question asked go ahead and jump in there. Press star 6 and listen I'd like to just get started with a little bit of where where I am right now in in my churches journey and sort of maybe where you ought to be in your in your annual journey so. So in terms of where we are on the calendar right now you know we're right in the fall season should be looking at a couple of really good really big opportunities for church growth. [00:01:25] So this is the time of year people are coming back into church. We want to be capitalizing on that. And so we always encourage you to have a big reason for your church members to invite. OK now we say in 24todouble double that the difference in the growing church in the dying church is one word and that word is invite. The reason I say that is I've been doing this a long time I've worked with hundreds of churches personally and We've coached thousands of churches through the process and churches of all kinds grow. I mean churches with really charismatic pastors and churches would kind of if I could say it more in pastors can grow churches with you know smoke and lights and rock n roll style music grow in churches with hand bell choirs and we've had a couple of Church of Christ churches that can grow through this. There's really one component that I've never seen the church grow without and that is invites you have got to somehow motivate your members to invite people. So you have a great opportunity in the fall. People are locking back into school. They're getting back into the normal routines. So you're going to have a bump anyways even if it's a 10 percent bump in attendance. You want to nurture that and you want to capitalize by giving people an excuse to come back. So that could be a big fall festival that could be a friend day could be a big fall series that focused on football college or pro football or something like that. I hope you're doing something like that. And Pastor you need to lead the charge. Let this Let this phrase sink into your system. Be the change you want to see. Be the change you want to see. So you want to see some change. You want to see your members inviting their friends you will see some energy some enthusiasm where you go be that you get on Facebook you invite people you talk about who you're in how you're invited in your sermons talk about when I was at the coffee shop and I invited this guy. They don't have to show up just talk about it. They do show up. That's fantastic that the bonus but just talk about the fact that you're inviting people do Facebook live videos to invite your friends and family and encouraging your members to do that. So just remember this you you can't. Your leadership is like moving a rope. Think about moving the rope. That's what leadership is like. You can stand behind the rope and try to push it somewhere and that rope won't move an inch. But if you get out in front of it and you go where you want the rope to go it will follow you anywhere you go. That's what leadership looks like. So you can't sit back. We can't sit back like seminarians you know just teaching people what to do. We have to be practitioners. [00:04:15] We have to show them what to do. And so you establish an in by culture by inviting you establish a faith culture where people share their faith by sharing your faith. You establish a culture of serving the community by serving the community. I've done all of this and continue to get on the streets and pass out free water bottles and invite people to church and we clean up schools or parks that have been sort of forgotten about. [00:04:46] We build back porches for our wheelchair ramps for the elderly or for handicapped persons. So we're constantly doing that. And yes we're letting it be known. We're putting on Facebook and we're being the change that we want to see. So those are all the kinds of things that generate momentum and excitement in your church. And so those two big events that you have this fall you may be in the middle or you may have already finished up your fall big event but I hope you've got a big event for the fall. And then you should also already be deep into the planning of your Christmas big event. What is that going to look like. Again that's a very natural thing. I always say that Jesus did the most work on your at least two big events a year. OK for Christmas he was born of a virgin. That's a pretty neat trick. All right. He's already done that for you. You ought to be able to build on that and have a big attendance for Christmas and on Easter. He rose from the dead. Another neat trick. I know it's not a trick no one nice in my emails but a great miracle. So you know we we should at least be able to rally around those two points then find two more focal points of the year to get your attendance up and to get more volunteers in there. All right so if you're brand new you're 24 a double. You may not even gotten to that point of the teaching yet but we get to the four big events in the teaching. You'll you'll you'll know more a little bit what we're talking about. So we're gonna go ahead and take some questions. You can press star six if you want to get in the queue and we have allotted one hour for this. If you don't have a question you don't send us a question. [00:06:24] We won't. We will go that full hour. But as long as you guys are sending in questions will hang in there with you. So you should get a prop if Jessica puts you up to speak and if you get that little prompt go ahead and ask your question Tell us your name. [00:06:39] Tell us where you're from and ask your questions. Go ahead Justin. [00:06:44] Yes. Good afternoon. I've got. Yes. Can you hear me. I sure can. I've got two questions for you Jerry. Thank you for taking my call. The first one is I heard you say something about a sermon calendar schedule and I've tried to find it. I'm sure it's in there but I didn't know if you knew exactly where it was at in the archives or not sir. [00:07:14] Sermon on new schedules. [00:07:20] We might actually right here. [00:07:23] Yeah actually as I'm thinking right now I don't think it's in the 24 to Bellevue teaching material I think it was a webinar that we did. And so that's not going to be archived on the site. That that's the free materials so 24 to double has the paid portal that you guys are in. And we do a bunch of free material and I think this is all that was a a webinar on how to build a sermon calendar. [00:07:50] I tell you what if you will go ahead and Jessica's listening if you'll give us. Let me suggest was actually telling me something. Yes. She's going to try to dig that one up for us. And you know why don't you give me your email. Jessica will take it down and we'll shoot you in the air and let you know about that for sure. [00:08:10] All right. [00:08:11] And the second question is what's your what's your e-mail. What's your e-mail address. Oh I'm sorry. Are the Pope Pope E. [00:08:22] At farmers tales built like a farmer if they are m e r s. Pay is in tango. He is an echo. Ellison Larry dot.com. [00:08:33] OK. So we'll make sure we get that you and Jessica. We'll probably just go ahead and if she's able to find that resource she probably does shoot it out to the whole the whole list so everybody has access to that. [00:08:47] Yes sure. Thank you. Yeah yeah. Question. Yes or Jerry. We started our charge. Mama laughed it out of our house and it was just hard not to start with our church started to grow and without going into any mud slinging or anything like that we got up to thirty six members and then our church split. We lost a third of the members to staff that stayed are you know they're fine with everything but we're stuck now. And my question is do you have any advice suggestions. I'm a bi vocational pastor. Let me put that out there and I'm a truck driver. Monday through Friday I go loan how I've got two ministers that you know we're not big enough or small enough we're kind of fit in on Wayne's b not Bible study and prayer time and then we have Sunday morning and the two ministers that I have. They fill in for me on Wayne's deny and then on Sunday morning I'm there and a lot of times I leave right after church to go back on the road and it's not that I'm doing it you know. Truck driving because I want to assist our church can not support me at this time and I'm fine with that but just to give you a little background sir. Any advice suggestions how to cut. Six oh we're at twenty three now. Yeah. So are you guys watching the 24todouble training videos together. Which we started on that Jerry and then like I said not glorifying the first problem in the start and the first two we were getting ready to implement them. And then it was just like the whole world got turned upside down in our charge and everything. So now we're getting ready to gear back up. The two ministers that I have now they're excited about it and everything. But it's just a matter of my trying to put out fires here and there is no say goes. Yeah. Well we have settled down and the ones we have now the twenty three we have now. Are you know they're solid. In other words they might you know a nice more going forward. [00:11:20] Well you know I think I think what I'd do faster is is is my make very clear up front that this is a season of healing for our church and we we need to come together and we need to be in Unity around what God wants to do next for our church. You know give people together give people a chance to talk to pray with each other to pray for each other. You know we want to bless the people that have left us. What's the hardest thing there is to do that that's something you can probably get grasp a lot faster than some of your members can but you won't ever you will never in your personal life. You know this if if if a person can't forgive they can't be blessed. And that same is true about a church. So I would yes I would lead them through a process of forgiveness and blessing people I had a group lead my church one time I sat down wrote every single one of them a letter just blessing them releasing them for whatever God had next for them. And and I would take the church through that and talk about the value of just being able to forgive. There's a great book by John de called the bait of Satan. And it is its own forgiveness is the bait of Satan and you know maybe even consider doing do some preaching out of that book you know and then yes by that point I would rally my people together and reboot and say OK guys start over. We're going to jump back in here. We're going to all come back at this one hundred and ten percent. We tried and the devil didn't want to see it happen so he attacked us. He tried to drive a wedge between us but we're still standing. We're still here and we're going to go with this thing again. And you know I find that churches will really rally for you if they feel like it's us against the world. You know like the devils tried to fight us. You know it's not easy. Our pastors having to be Bible occasional but you know what. We're not going to quit. We're not going to give up. And that really causes people to get closer to love you probably you know the ones that you still have it probably closer now than they were before the whole split happened. Yes or they are. I would. Yeah I would just lean into that. And you know plan on a reboot but just be very transparent with everybody and let them know we're going through a healing season and we're going to reboot this thing and go at it again. Yes. [00:13:50] Thank you Jerry. Yes sir. Thank you so much for calling. [00:13:57] OK. So I'm only going to tell you a little story. Everybody is listening. As I get to that let me just tell you. If you have a question please press star 6. Let us know that that you have a question. We want to answer that question. I'm being told right now that we've only we don't have anybody in the queue so you could be the first or the second we'll get one more person in the queue someone to hold my coat. I'm going to hold my story for this question. So if you'll go ahead Jessica and queue up the next caller or we'll answer this question. [00:14:37] A good evening. Good afternoon Jerry. My name is food red Rick I'm in Concord North Carolina. [00:14:43] And thank you for the work you're doing. I'm using 24todouble and I want to thank the last caller for sharing about the trials and tribulations hours as I think it is. But I do feel we're being attacked and so that information you gave me that was most helpful. A few questions that I have. And these are questions about anything that caret. Yes. Yes. Yes sir. OK. All right. The first thing I want to ask. We're experiencing some challenges without giving platform and wanted to know who or what giving platform you would recommend. We're using Kendrick right now which is the software or product that we're using but we're finding it somewhat challenging and doing what we need to do and just want to first ask you that as well as what database software would you recommend. We are a church of about 400. And that's counting youth and adult sized about 300 adults is what we. [00:15:49] OK so let me ask you a question What is it that you want to do with your database. [00:15:57] Well first we use our database. Right now we're using fellowship one. And it's a very powerful and robust software. And just just again the software what we were looking Kanter is the giving platform that is with fellowship one. What's happening. Let me deal with the giving platform is the only reason I ask about the database platform is because the candidate software is the only one that plugs into that seamlessly. Less with it draw. We have a 60 to 70 percent of our money coming online. And we're experiencing with kindred where sometimes it conflicts with our network system. We've talked to our network provider and we've talked to Kendrick and kindred is there well you know where there's some incompatibility with their system and ours. And there's not really a fix for it. And so sometimes people can get on sometimes they can't. So I don't. That's not healthy for us because people aren't going to keep on trying to get on a system to give if they can't do it the first time. [00:17:08] Yes. Have you guys ever used to cure give or heard of the security. We haven't secure it yet. That's why I was like I have not heard of security yet. Yeah let me say this. It begins with 24 The devil has long wanted to develop these kind of systems for our churches because honestly it just. There's no good system fellowship one is what we use for our database because it's the best. Then we can find to work for us but it has gaping holes in it and there are a lot of problems with fellowship one that we'll find it. There's there's some other ones out there that I have friends that use but you know they just I don't. Nobody gives five star ratings to any church database and nothing if it were not such a gigantic undertaking we would develop our own. That just kind of fits the 24todouble churches. But what we're using right now is secure and secure and give does import to fellowship one. And it will sync together with the household giving records in there so that's a seamless pipe. Think that that is a new thing for security give. Actually security secure security was developed by a friend of mine who passes a church in Augusta Georgia and they are they were one of the first electronic giving companies in the nation. A big article about them in. I don't know which mag You Know Some People magazine is that some not people. I don't know. What were some big magazines. Maybe it was New York Times but it was a big deal when they first started. So I would suggest you take a look at security. [00:18:57] Now there's another software we use called mortar stone mortar stone. Ok yeah that's one word mortar stone. And so we use mortar stone for recording and that that really works well with F one and and it gives us some extra detail on our report. [00:19:20] So I like to know for instance I like to have a first time givers report every every week I want to know who gave for the first time. I want to see a stop stop giving report my who has stopped giving. They gave over the last six months. They changed their giving pattern so I can run a report. [00:19:42] Give me everybody that gave monthly and then they'd give this month give me everybody that gave weekly and give this week give me everybody that has given bi monthly but didn't give in the last two weeks I can run all those reports so that I can quickly go back to them. Mortar Stone. Yeah. Does that. I can see accelerated giving you a person was giving one hundred dollars a week and now they're giving three hundred dollars a week I can see special gifts you know all a ten thousand dollar gift came in or 5000 out of get unusual I can see declining gifts I can see declining frequency so you can run all kinds of reports and let me let me stop just here by listening what why would you do that. I am going to you know I'm going to get Bob Smith he stopped giving him I'm going to call him and say hey mortar stone database told me you didn't give this. No I'm not going to do that but. But it does give me some indication of what's going on in this person's heart and in his life Jesus said where you're Treasury is this where your heart is. I'm I'm what I'm going to do I'm gonna typically follow up with a person who stops giving by saying Hey man I just had you on my heart today and probably a text message and I thought you know I'm praying for it how's everything going. Now. This is very clear that's not disingenuous. He is all my heart and the truth of the matter is I'm using these tools to help me to see who these people are. Now there will be times the Holy Spirit just dropped some money on my heart and that's that of course I'm going to respond in the same way but I'm not going to care less about a person because it didn't happen supernaturally but you know I did it through the use of a of a program but that's how I follow up. If someone gives for the first time you know we're going to we're gonna mail them a what happens when you give booklet tells all about Daystar and what we believe about giving and what our giving does. So we. Anyway we have a lot of different ways to follow up that help answer your question. [00:21:55] Absolutely because those are just things that I do as well and that's why I was looking for those that do run that we can report together. And then of course I look at reports through fellowship one of those who are given and not a follow that same kind of model that you you think something's going on in their life if they've done that. [00:22:15] So yes. So here's my next question. And so thank you for. [00:22:18] Let me let me let me give you one more thing before you move on because I'm just while I was talking I text our accounting Secretary Mike Scherer I was given this right. She did mention also that we use Shelby for accounting Shelby systems is a huge church was one. So that's where we do our accounting and then we use planning center which is really great for ministry items all kind of team building and things like that. [00:22:46] So great really about that. Yeah we're guys important as well and that's working well for our volunteers and they are that. Thank you. Now my next question is and I remember listening to this in one of your presentations about the spirit to give peace and we're beginning to do that and I'm meeting with people after we have a gift test that I'm just starting small I'm doing like deacons and other leaders and I'm bringing a man one on one and I'm going over that. But here's the question I have to use. [00:23:23] I know you said nobody has all of the guests except for Jesus. And I agree with you whole hearted. [00:23:30] Though I've got several Jesus in my congregation. Yeah. Well what happened is. [00:23:39] Yes go ahead. No I was going to say when you get these individuals who score high 15 and 16 all across the board I mean. [00:23:50] Well they're not being honest. They're not being honest. They they're answering how they want to be. And you really have to explain to people hey don't do do don't. Don't be optimistic. Be realistic in this. OK. And if I ask you the question Do you love in pensive Bible study and you haven't done any intensive bible study in the last month. You put zero on there OK. Our one on or don't put four because you want to study the Bible but you'd never do that because all those questions are worded in a way that we should want to pay out in all those areas. Yes. I don't care for that lady. Yes I want to hear from God you know. Yeah. Yeah but that's not what's actually happening in my life. So that's. That's really fast. That's a common problem we get with a lot of people taken this past. And so that's why we also have people take it over and over again because the first couple of times I mean I'm asking I'm answering spiritual questions and I'm handing it into my pastor. That's pretty intimidating. You know I want to make sure I get it right and so they answer the way they think you would want them to answer. That makes sense. It does have some. [00:25:06] So I guess retest retest now in retest and I guess I really based on what you just said and I like what you doing there. It might be better if I retest and sort of describe how they should answer the question a little more because if I just given the test over again given no further instruction on the product come away. Yes thanks. And the result. [00:25:29] Yeah. You. What do you want to do. This is great for leaders leaders take the blame. All right so leaders take the blame for what you are doing and go in there and say hey guys we want to rethink this because you know the truth of the matter is nobody. Just like you told me. Nobody has all the gifts except Jesus and several of y'all are very Christlike. You seem to have all the gifts. I mean say it's my fault I didn't clarify Well what we don't do. Everybody's going to retake this AND THEN AND THEN YOU TELL THEM WHAT I JUST TOLD YOU. YOU KNOW THAT. TRY TO TRY TO GIVE ME A one or a four. If you can't don't give me twos and threes you know just just try to give me a one and a four unless you just can't give me a one hour OK super couple and I'll get off here and others may be waiting. [00:26:14] But a couple of months ago you made mention about our plotting our memberships to see where people live and things of that nature. And I want to do that with that we started a couple of small growth groups and they're going Well that's sort of a test pilot. But is there a Web site or source that you recommend for using for plotting the congregation. [00:26:40] There are a couple of options on line that will let you just load your database up too and then it'll plow for you. Unfortunately I didn't personally do that. Lance our executive pastor at the time did that and I don't know what online resource to use. He seemed to indicate that there was a number of options out there and it was pretty cheap you know not. Maybe three or like a you know low cost my subscription so I probably would just have to Google Google for that. [00:27:13] Got it. OK. OK. All right. And then lastly on the leadership matrix I have both a board. I call it a board strategy team. [00:27:27] And then I have a deacon board on the matrix leadership matrix where would those teams go. [00:27:35] You know you got so much great. [00:27:39] I would not I would not place them on the exact matrix in their team but I would put them all there. So if you're so if you're committed enough to be on this. Elders are deacon board and if you're on this leadership board then you're committed enough you're you're serving in some capacity so you're gonna show up. You know that they say they should show up some of them should show up across the top. You know you're administrative person your prayer leader your church evangelist you know all all those top five across the top and then they should show up somewhere else on the on the on the overall chart. So so that chart is a ministry a strategic chart. OK. But it's not a hierarchy chart. [00:28:26] OK. So it does. It does not interrupt the flow whatever your church's bylaws call for in terms of a hierarchy of authority. This does not replace that or interrupt that in any way. And I would not try to merge the two together. I would just say listen if you're in our church hierarchy you're going to be somewhere on this chart anyways because you're serving and and leaders lead by example. [00:28:51] So that's how I went of that. [00:28:54] OK. So I don't need to add them as team seven eight or nine or anything of that nature. I've got it. Yeah. That solves the world of my problems in my trying to figure out where to place the guy. [00:29:05] And so thank you very much. Those on the questions and I think. [00:29:10] All right. Thank you so much Pastor. And looks like we have a number of other people in the queue. So we're gonna head right to the next caller. Go ahead Jessica. [00:29:23] Yes Jerry how are you. [00:29:26] I'm doing well. How are you. [00:29:28] I'm doing great. Doing great. Doing great. I want to first say that this has been very beneficial already because the first four that the caller talked about that he had a small church and had a church split and got caught in a situation where it really slowed down momentum that really helped me in regard to our small church. We didn't have a church split but we did have a team member who was one of our members of our leadership team. We then it kind of threw things out of whack there for several months. Kind of we're in a downturn. Now we seem to be actually coming back into a season of excitement and everybody kind of moving forward and momentum kind of moving forward as well. With that being said we were supposed to be much further along in implementing 24todouble. [00:30:30] And we have actually now just really gotten started. I had I had initially shown the first module. And then through speaking with you guys and kind of talking with you guys what we did initially or what we've done over the last two months is we've put together the parking lot ministry or Team 1 the WoW team. And then we've also done module five and we've put together the follow up portion of it. We're actually just beginning that and we're getting quite a great response. We've had actual first time offenders actually speak about that parking lot ministry and the love they felt prior to getting in the building. We've had people stand up and say you know get the sermon was great but you know what we made a decision to come back before the sermon was ever preached. So it is added greatly to the ministry. What I wanted to find out from you is we are now going to continue to implement the follow up ministry and the portion that we do the pastors meal. So we're going to work on that. I also am very interested. I know that a lot of times that you know if you're a small church or depending all how large a church you were just kind of follow follow it. One two three four five. I already have kind of messed that up because we had did two and five. But yeah we do want to go back now and start to implement the gift testing as the other gentleman who just got off the call talked about and start to really look to put people as quickly as possible when they go to new members and come out of new members to put them in positions where we can get them immediately serving. Do you have any suggestions where should the gift to be actually in new members class. Or do you do it at the pastor's meal. [00:33:02] We do. We. We do it is the pastor's meal. And when you're when you're just now rolling out the gift testing is great. No matter what. Just it's just an interesting thing for people to know. It's just it's a discipleship step. You know if you weren't doing 24todouble if you weren't trying to put people in ministry teams just knowing what your spiritual gift is and understanding that if you're a pathetically gifted person you don't have to be administratively gifted person and God never intended you do it. [00:33:35] That's just liberating it's encouraging. And it's a part of the discipleship journey so. So we do it. I'm gonna do it regularly in teaching at least once every other year. I'm going to do a whole teaching series on the spiritual Gifts and Passions Test. [00:33:48] I did it in January of this year and I'm told by several people that their favorite series. And then in that series I'm now what I have done when our church was smaller. I just get tested the whole congregation literally in the middle. And I play smaller guys. We were already over a thousand and I'm passing out paper files on people to fill all this stuff out. You know so I mean we've done this in every way possible. Then when I did this year though is I talk a whole lot about the spiritual gifts. I did some training on what you know what what your spiritual gift aligns you with so you might be like the apostle Peter or you might be like Barnabas or you know one of those New Testament characters or even I think I would small testament characters that were really well-known and then I said Now if you'd like to know more for sure who you need to go past breakfast some of you have been before you need to go back to where you've never been. You need to go. And so we always do it right there and then and then we do the gift and passions proposal we're also asking them what you're passionate about. So I know coming out that I have the prayer gift and I'm passionate about children's ministry. OK so I already know that's where you need to serve you can be a prayer partner in children's ministry re praying children or something like that. So we do that early on as soon as we get people in the church or I can get them to pastors breakfast the other place that you should be thinking about doing the pastor is your 24 of them will actual teaching. [00:35:23] So you've got coming to 24todouble training you're your best volunteer. That's the Coalition of the willing they're on board they'll do whatever. It's kind of a gift to them for you to do some of this spiritual gift training which we have that available for free download on the site and it's. PowerPoint presentations and then for you to give that spirit to the. And that's going to help him know you know what they're gonna do and you're gonna find out you got prophetically gifted people that are leading ministries and they're not doing a good job because prophetic people are not designed to organize. And then you're gonna have you know organizers who can't seem to build a team because administratively gifted people usually aren't great in the touchy feely part you know and so that's just going to help you know where to put you didn't encourage your own every team you need a trainer on every team. You need a leader on every team you need a prayer leader on every day. [00:36:19] So. So it's going to help you build out those teams. Well as you go through this process. Gotcha gotcha gotcha. You've already got the wall to the follow up team work and now you're in a spiritual gift. You give tests all those people to make sure that you've got each person doing the job that fits their spiritual gift. [00:36:39] Yes yes. We we actually had well at least in my ministry career we had a phenomenal on Sunday. [00:36:47] I had a member who was going to months ago and she actually went out and contacted her friends and family and invited. She invited 45 people to church. Twenty seven people showed up. [00:37:06] DEAR GOD. THAT'S ME. I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I want that. I wanna move that lady to Alabama put it in my church. Wonderful. And those are your people by the way pastors. Those are your people. Those new people will be ten times more than the old people that have been there a long time. And that's what stymies church growth is. Pastors are concerned about offending somebody that's been there for 30 years. And listen I'm not about a. I don't want to create a problem either but if I focus all my efforts making the you know be the saved you know the old timers they've been there a long time making them happy. I'm not going to ever get that wild fire that I want out of these new people that are going to be your inbox champions right. [00:37:54] Right now she is on fire and you know I took the opportunity to it just happened on Sunday I took the opportunity and on Wednesday night Bible study to thank her and tell everybody that you know and let them know listen. But that conviction that shook everybody's jaw convicted me. I'm like if she can get 27 people to show up to church you know maybe she's gifted maybe she's somebody who has a passion to do that. But I said it doesn't mean that you can't get two point seven. I mean can we can we get a tenth of that. Can each one of us do that. I mean yeah you know I don't quite know how to you know what would you do to capitalize on something like that. [00:38:44] Well you know you you're thinking right faster because now whatever you reward you get more of. So I want to reward that. And you've talked about it. You you've bragged on it. You know but I preach sermons about it. You know I talk about if I preach on the story of the three men who tore the roof off the place to get people to Jesus. I talk about that's our job. You know we're we're probably not going to have to physically tear a rip off. But but we certainly in by our co-workers and you know so you know my all my sermons they no longer just are Bible studies but they always have application leading back to what I specifically want the people to do. So you know I would I would just say to every pastor listen to me right now wherever you are in the 24todouble 40 double process make sure that sermon you're preaching this Sunday props up what you want people to do. So if you're talking about. If you've just implemented the first impressions or the WoW team up front then who preached on the prodigal son and tell those people that hey when you stand at the front door of our church you're the father of the Prodigal Son you're waiting on the come home. And so I connect everything that I'm learning in 24todouble to what I'm preaching on Sunday. Gotcha gotcha gotcha. [00:40:03] OK. Excellent excellent. [00:40:04] Thank you both. Well thank you so much. I think we've got a number of other callers so thanks for your call. I'm going to ask Miss just going to cue up the next call. [00:40:16] I am back again Mr. Jerry. Two questions. Yes. The first one is yellow hats and t shirts. Bring it up. We're going to love the hell out of y'all. You'll have a trademark on that. And is that the correct term analogy. [00:40:32] It said no it says come today SA will love the hell out of you. Awesome. I think that's good. No it's not. Trademark man Do it do it. [00:40:44] All right. Real real quick. Second question is older people in your church one of the most faithful members we have in our chart. She's 90 years old does not say why all the outside would have her you know calling in and praying with people on the phone but she can not see the phone numbers that good. But she wants to be plugged in. Any advice on older members in your church. How to plug them in. [00:41:14] Yeah I think the question about a blind person can't see very well. [00:41:19] Now we have older members of our church that are doing they're doing some follow up force for people that are sick and shut in yet also folding bulletins for us. [00:41:33] Every Sunday we have bulletins and we stuff them with any kind of announcement sheets or sermon notes and the well the prayer card which is our first time in kindergarden so. So they serve in that capacity as well. But I'll have to think a little bit moral on a person who can't see I think you're right on about letting her call people and follow up with prayer requests that have come in. We try to do that. You know we get a lot of prayer requests on our prayer cards every Sunday and we try to get as much personal follow up as we can that be a great role for her. But they'd have to be probably somebody to help her you know. Yes you could actually dial the phone or something like that. Right. OK thank you very much. Gary appreciate it. Yes sir. Thanks for your call. [00:42:23] OK. Just send us off the next caller. [00:42:43] Somebody ought to hear a prompt to let you know that. [00:42:48] That you're the next one in the queue. [00:42:52] Jessica tells me that your line should be able to make sure your phone's not muted. Morris that I'm trying to talk to Maurice. [00:43:01] Can you hear me Maurice. [00:43:07] Okay. We're having a little trouble with Morris's call. [00:43:13] While we're fixing that I do want to share one testimony with you guys something could very very fresh in my heart and I kind of put this on the back burner in case we had a moment like this. So one of the callers just not talked about that shirt that T-shirt that says. [00:43:31] Come today Star will love the hell out of you. I've got a new t shirt we're gonna be making and it really I'm going to try to tell you this as safe as I can but when I started Daystar Church the best way I know to say it is I was I was really stupid. A lot of decisions I made that were over the top. Faith walk on water. [00:43:54] Just crazy just just jumping out there and trusting God and and you could call some of them stupid. You know when our church's annual budget was eight hundred thousand dollars a year we were. We went out and spent six million dollars on a brand new building. Now that that could be called stupid right there and the bank that would loan us money on that was kind of crazy too. But you know what it got us to where we are now fast forward that about a decade as about ten years ago and this January we were doing 21 days of prayer and fasting and you know each each. Each year I asked God to give me a guiding principle for that year. During that time and along about the middle of that 21 day fast God spoke to me and he said you know Jerry when you started this journey you were kind of stupid. You made a lot of big steps and big crazy goals and now you know everything. Now you know how big the church can be based on the size of the population. You now you know what can and can't be done. Now you're a big church consultant now you have grown this church into thousands of people on Sunday. You kind of know everything. And then I felt like I heard Jesus say you know Jerry I kind of liked you better stupid. [00:45:17] And I took that to mean in fact I heard him say and I wrote this down in my journal. Take stupid pills every day. Get up in the morning and take stupid pills in fact on my mirror. Since January it still says it when I get ready in the morning and brush my teeth. I take my bite him. I read it it says take stupid pills because I feel like God is telling me that I want you to take bigger risks. I want you to stop knowing what can and can't be done. Don't look at a young recovering drug addict and think that he can't be a pastor or he can't be a leader in your can't take stupid pills. [00:45:59] Forget you know about the recidivism rate of drug addicts and forget that you know about the population density of your campuses and forget that you know about things like the per capita giving and how that restricts certain projects. He says just take stupid pills and be stupid again. And trust me to do something that's impossible and I feel like God is leading us to do some pretty ridiculous things. It takes some pretty ridiculous steps. I shared this with my staff the other day and one of my team members my worship pastor said I'm making a T-shirt that said I take stupid pills and he said he wants to say he wants to give those T-shirts out at the church. I don't know if that's for anybody but me guys I don't know if anybody needs to hear that word but I'll up and I'll tell you this. If you listen to me every month on this call and if you've heard me in 24todouble tell what you don't hear a whole lot of hey. God spoke to the gods said if I'm not one of those guys that feels like I'm all day everyday. Having a conversation with God but I really believe God spoke to me about that and he said Dear I kind of liked you better when you were stupid. I want you to take stupid pills and believe for the impossible again and maybe I'll just leave you guys with that thought today that you know there's nothing God can't do. I mean he's capable he's able and I want you to believe for something that's outside of what you thought was possible and just take a leap of faith. All right so I'm going to be praying for you that that's what God does in your life. I hope you'll take that step and we've got just a couple more minutes. I do think we got our caller backing off that's Maurice or not. [00:47:37] I'm gonna take this last call and then we'll cut you guys loose so go ahead if you can hear the voice. [00:47:46] Hello. I don't have surgery. Hey is this Morris. [00:47:50] Yes we made it we made it get results. [00:47:55] No no problem. I'm from our West have some New York and I'm looser program and I got a few quick questions about the program so I'm the assistant pastor at my church and my my father actually is a pastor and we brought this to the church. We signed up and what we did was I did the introductory video with him as well as my mom the first lady of first as well which is our leadership and the. Got pretty excited just as much as I was about it. Which is good. And they've put it into my hands to pertain to bring it to the church. You know we're a small church. We've been in ministry for about five years actually this month right now we're in church anniversary and we've had we had no growth periods and then he hasn't people move away. Something's changed. So where we are now as far as a proud father process. So then after we put in such a video we plan on trying to pick a day to have the meetings with our core leadership. As far as doing that different modules starting with module zero. So my first question is when we look I looked through the stuff already myself like not too deep into it like the first one a little bit of a size zero and then a little bit of one but I watched the whole thing over there. Like if we're supposed to meet every month the first one kind of just goes over to a whole program. We don't lose do we start like a action plan as far as or we wait like another month. Once we do one because once seemed like it was more telling us what we should do next as far as we're going to vision and things like that. [00:49:48] Yeah. So eat at the end of each session. You're going to have some action steps. Some things that you can do before the next time you get together and so you're going to want to do that. And it's also a great time to just stop with your team. Have a little bit of discussion. Have a great time together and some some groups will get together even weekly. And you know they'll go. What what are the next steps we need to have for instance. If you watch Magic 0 you kind of get the overview. We start talking about vision in Module 1. Then you've got the vision portion is a big portion. I mean that's a lot of art that you really you really don't just throw that out in a thirty five minute talk. So you could you could meet if you met on the first Sunday night or Wednesday night and watch that Module 1. You could meet the next three weeks and just barely really have enough time. Let everybody talk and iron out what what our vision and mission is going to look like. And so I would encourage you to think three you know if you want to meet once a month or if you wanna meet every other week or if you want to meet every week because there's always going to be work to do and as these modules start to pile up on you you can say hey we need to build a front door team we need to train our front door leaders and so it's gonna be a good bit of work and and your people too will probably have a lot of questions that you'll want to cover with them as well. [00:51:17] Absolutely. Okay great. Now just one more question. So in the past we have done like outreach stuff like we gave we give our clothes and some food and stuff like that. We haven't gotten a risk part. I'm just questioning this in advance. It seems like the goal here. From what I can understand and Africans are saying is whenever you're doing something to try to collect as much information you can from any guests that come. Yeah. [00:51:47] I mean if you're doing it and if you're doing a survey service project obviously you're not necessarily going to try to collect their data but let's just say we're going to have a big Halloween event for the community then we absolutely want to collect information because we want to follow up with them. And the reason for that Morris is just that's what it is very good. But the why you got to tell the people the why. But the reason for that is the best the very best thing I can do for you is not build a wheelchair ramp to get you in and out of your house is to share the gospel of Jesus with you. [00:52:17] And so I want to nurture that. We're called to make disciples. All right. So discipleship is a long journey and I want to nurture you through those those next steps. And so it all begins with the database because I'm going to I'm going to invite you first of all as you say you came to our whatever the big event was our Thanksgiving are October event you know our Halloween alternative but then you didn't come back. That makes no Well I've got your information so I'm going to be mailing you invitations I'm going to be reaching out to you for all of our big events and then let's say you do you want. Well I want to follow up and get you to pass this prank with someone in need that data to invite you to pastors breakfast and so you know that that data is golden for all of the follow up that you're going to be doing and there's a whole component on follow up that you'll learn from. [00:53:08] Yes absolutely. When we get there that's right. So last question because we're rich folks we have less than 40 members at. And as far as like you know we're not in a place obviously where we're investing in this 24 double because of the growth possibilities of course but we're not put in a place to really invest and like so many different companies that offer these different database teams I hear people saying it's UPS one and stuff I mean certain threshold customers are not correct to provide the net the visitors are information. What would you suggest to keep that organized what a church that's on a budget. [00:53:50] Yeah. Was so. So Google has some three options out there I don't I don't know. You know you can you can get google sheets and just create your own spreadsheet right. You know there's some there's some really free and cheap databases out there in terms of keeping up with finances you can you can get a free version of quick looks or even if you get a pay version you'd get a very low cost paid version of it. So that's that's where I would go. You know some of those kinds of resources that are available. [00:54:21] Thank you so much sir I appreciate it. [00:54:23] Yeah. Thank you Maurice. And I impelled we do have one more more race in the queue. I believe so. We do have one more caller and their name is more RICK'S LIST. Let's go ahead with that. Yes. Here we are. Yes. Yes. OK. Go ahead raise. [00:54:44] Yes. I wanted to ask you. We had the Lord had led us to invest in a live well. We've been streaming live. Let's just let's just say that we've been streaming live on Facebook and I think we also may have the option to stream love as well on YouTube. Have you. Or do you know or have you incorporated any live streaming in what you do with 24 double or what you've done as an outreach or growth strategy for your church. [00:55:28] Yeah I mean in a lot of different ways though. In fact I would encourage you guys you've got our YouTube channel Daystar Church YouTube channel and you'll see we just we just did live stream of 21 days of prayer where we did live worship and live prayer teaching. Twenty one mornings in a row at 6 a.m. but we do a lot of different strategies you know we're doing a lot of promotional stuff through Facebook Live and YouTube Live we're streaming all of our services on our on our app and on our website and on Facebook Live. So yeah we we we lean into that heavily you get a lot more exposure that way. OK. OK. [00:56:12] So it is not counter productive to doing 24 double isn't it you can incorporate both. [00:56:20] Yeah. Not. I think that's I think that's totally fine. You know just you know there can be you know I think you do have to decide like what what can we do how much can we do without you know just generating a huge distraction. You know we are we distracting because 24todouble was pretty inclusive. You know it's it's got a lot of work you know. Right. [00:56:42] So once you once you get going there you don't want to you know you don't want to choke your volunteer support out by just having them time to be doing so many things at once. But but no it wouldn't hurt the budget at all as long as you can manage the manpower. [00:56:57] Gotcha. OK. Excellent excellent. [00:57:00] All right. Thank you my race. I think we have one more caller and I think his name's Larry are you there Larry. [00:57:10] Yes my name's Larry. Can you hear me. I sure can Larry. Go ahead. [00:57:15] OK I'll try to make this quick. Just so we set up the three teams and with outreach and first impressions. And we did the youth and I guess I'm trying to find out now with respect to the Gifts and Passions Test the five fold gifts. Don't don't really know how to incorporate them. Well. One with children. I'm talking about the children themselves. The young in doubt and and also with the the outreach piece. Can you just hit on it a little bit for me. [00:57:56] Yes. So in terms of the five gold apostles PROFIT OF ANGELS pastor and teacher JESUS SAID I'VE SET UP MY church in that way. Now we are we are not suggesting that your church has an apostle a profit the bank was passed from a teacher audit or that every team does. But what we are doing we're drawing the connection between the agents for eleven and twelve. Five gifts there with the Romans twelve seven functional gifts. And so what we're saying is we're going to take this five gift structure. You know you've got the gift of administration which is kind of like the apostolic gift. You have the prophetic gifting in Romans twelve that is like the prophet office that you find in the presents for you've got the gift of mercy that kind of reminds you of the gift of evangelism. And then you've got the gift of encouragement that kind of fits the pastoral gift and then you've got the teaching you have that kind of fits the teaching gift if you follow what I'm doing there I'm showing you how the motivational gifts in Romans twelve match up to the extension gifts that Jesus spoke of in the premiums for. So what we want is all of our leadership teams to be comprised of those five gifts somebody on the team that not only has that gift but recognizes that they have that gift and they're serving in a task that that gift empower. So you're really good at that. Is that is that giving where you're going. So yes. [00:59:38] Yes sir. And I guess this addendum to that book that you I remember it for you recommended a book on Gifts and Passions Test that you thought was really helpful in this way can you. [00:59:48] Yeah I I don't often recommend this book anymore because it's kind of hard to find it's kind of out of print but it's Dr. Owen Weston's book it's called spiritual gifts. Your job description from God. And I'm looking at my copy of it right here. But it's it is by O in western. And it is by the publisher is like springs. OK. And again it's called spiritual gifts your job description from God. And listen it's not pretty and it's not super popular but it is incredibly good. It is so good. This thing should be printed and reprinted and reprinted. OK. So if you could find it. Yeah if you can find it will help you. [01:00:37] OK. Appreciate that. OK. Well thank you so much. OK. [01:00:45] So I actually I think Jessica just told me that she has a link to that book. And so in the show notes if you guys will check this out later you'll be able to see in the show notes that there's a link in factually on Amazon. So thank you for that. Jessica telling me that that book is available on Amazon. I'm glad to hear that so far. I think we are about ready to wrap up in just after two o'clock. I want to thank everyone for joining us. I'm getting I'm getting a message from Jessica I don't want to cut out too early in case there is another person in the queue. [01:01:21] Jessica are you telling me something. Nope we're all good. OK. Well great guys. Thank you so much for being here. I'm praying you have an incredible Sunday. God bless you. And we'll see you next month.

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