House of Tremere - Episode 144


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Happy Thanksgiving (or black Friday :p) to our American listeners, and happy just another day to everyone else in the world! In this episode, we bring you our final review of the year. We open the dusty tomes and climb high into the eldritch mountains to explore a twisted and treacherous cabal of vampires who stole their immortality from the ancient masters of the land: The Tremere. Now, from their hidden Chantry in the Carpathians, they grapple with their new condition and war against their Cainite rivals - both from without and within…House of Tremere details the the origins of the aforementioned clan, from a house of Mages desperate to keep their immortality, to the year 1197. This book also details their legendary, ignoble chantry, Ceoris. House of Tremere was written by Robin Laws and published November of 2000 by White Wolf Publishing.

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