Teach Me How! The Sabbat - Episode 145


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Hello all! Thanks for sticking with us over the long holiday. This week, we bring you a very special episode of our Teach Me How! podcast. These podcasts were created especially for our Patreon backers and it’s our attempt at giving back some our knowledge and experience to the community! Now, here they are for you, for the holidays!
Word of warning, these first episodes are a little rough around the edges. Thank you for your patience while while listening.
In this first episode, we talk about the much-maligned and oft-misunderstood Sabbat. The Sabbat are a sect of vampires that disregard the rule of the elders and their puppet masters, the Antediluvians.
For more info about the Sabbat, check out these books:
The Players Guide to the Sabbat: This is the first sourcebook for the Sabbat. Prior to this book, the Sabbat were strictly for use as NPC’s. This book is a great, classic look at the foundations of the sect and its inhumanity.
Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat: This second sourcebook was released as a companion to the original Players Guide to the Sabbat. This book includes new bloodlines, concepts and strategies for roleplaying and staging a Sabbat Chronicle.
Guide to the Sabbat: This revised edition guide explores the rites, rituals, goals, history, etc., as told by their members and enemies. This is the definitive guide to the Sabbat.
Tzimisce and Lasombra clanbooks: The Tzimisce and Lasombra form the core of the sect. As such, their clanbooks are important reading for any Sabbat chronicle.
Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of reading on the Sword of Caine. City books like Montreal and Mexico City by Night are great resources as well. Check out some of our older podcasts for more info!

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