Caerns: Places of Power


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Hey Folks! Today we talk about Caerns and what they represent to Garou everywhere. We examine a couple of famous Caerns in existence around the world and how to create and operate the Moon Bridges that lets Garou traverse between them.
Emrey Barnes, Steven C. Brown, Phil Brucato, Alan Bryden, Sam Chupp, John Gavigan, Harry Heckel, Christopher Howard, Sam Inabinet, Izumi Hideo, David Key, Kenneth Meyer, James A. Moore, George Neal, Roderick Robertson, Ryk Strong, Teeuwynn
Development: Bill Bridges
Editing: Brian Campbell
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Art: John Bridges, Sam Inabinet, SCAR Studios, Dan Smith, Ron Spencer, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Brion Wackwitz
Maps: Brian J. Blume
Cover Art: Scott Hampton
Typesetting and Layout: Sam Chupp
Logo and Back Cover Design: Michelle Prahler

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