EP 09 Conscious Parenting with Shaquanda


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Episode 09 Conscious Parenting with Shaquanda.

In this episode I have a lovely conversation with Shaquanda from the Logical Mermaid about all things Human Design, Astrology, and how to parent from a consciously aware perspective. I really loved how she can combine Human Design and Natal Chart reading to give the whole picture! She shared her amazing knowledge and experience as a mother to a 5/1 Manifestor (like me) and how to parent consciously allowing for the best possible growth potential for our children.

I would love to answer more listener’s questions on the show, so give me a shout out on social media or at intuitionxdesign@gmail.com .

In this Episode we also cover:

· How to parent as a non-energy type with an energy type child.

· What is an indigo child or crystal child, and is your child one?

· Setting boundaries vs expectations when parenting a Manifestor child. How to encourage them to have freedom while keeping them safe.

· How to parent fairly when you have children of different Aura Types.

· Being a role model for your child and mirroring behaviors that are appropriate for their type.

· Hot topic: Deconditioning- we explain how children are so authentic and don’t need to decondition.

· Whether or not we should really use labels on our children, including with Human Design.

· Helping children overcome issues with peers.

· Story telling to explain to children how the types work.

· Allowing uncomfortable feelings to be learning tools.

· How you can contact Shaquanda for either a Human Design reading or a Natal Chart reading.

You can reach out to Shaquanda on
Instagram: @hd4parents

Website: www.logicalmermaid.com
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