EP17: Better with Running Podcast -Ft Training Segment with Run2PB Coaches, Andy Buchanan and Brady Threlfall + Bonus Audio from Run2PB Event " Training your mind - The mental side of running"


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Matt smashes his time trial and zac grills him on how it all went down!

Training Talk Segment: Run2PB Coaches Brady Thelfall and Andy Buchanan, Brady catches up with Andy and how he has been training, and then he takes us through his special hilly and threshold session.

This week also includes audio from a recent Run2PB Live event "

Training your mind - The mental side of running.

Featuring Coaches and Runners:

Run2PB Coach & Australian Olympian Madeline Heiner

Run2PB Coach & Australian Marathon Runner Josh Harris

Run2PB Coach & Australian Trail/Ultra Runner Steph Auston

Run2PB Athlete Stu McLay

Hosted by Zacca Newman

Discussion Topics:

➡️ The role running plays in their own mental health.being.

➡️ Resilience and Running

➡️ Bouncing Back from Setbacks & Motivation

➡️ Strategies and Tactics used in racing and training

➡️ Viewer Questions

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