How Bustle Digital Group's Editor-in-Chief Drove Massive Digital Traffic with Kate Ward of The Dipp


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Today we are talking with Kate Ward who is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Dipp, and former founding Editor-in-Chief of Bustle Digital Group. She is an award-winning digital expert who has both built and transformed several companies with a data-driven creative, unique, and efficient approach to content. Kate has been named a member of Forbes "30 Under 30" and Ad Age's "40 Under 40," was selected for Business Insider's "Silicon Alley 100" list, and Business Insider's list of the "Most Influential Women In NYC Tech." Previously, Kate served as Executive Editor of, and the Assistant News Director of

In today’s episode we chat through the role of an Editor-in-Chief, how she’s managed to drive massive digital traffic through a diversified content strategy, the realities of covering breaking news, the first steps she took in launching her current media company venture, and as always, much more.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • About what the different types of roles an Editor-in-Chief can play at a publication or online platform
  • What digital media looked like in the past versus what it is now according to KateThe beginnings of Bustle Digital Group, what went into the process of creating it, and her role as Editor-in-Chief
  • What a data informed approach is to digital media and the importance of driving diversified traffic
  • How to build up sites to generate more digital traffic
  • How to make sure your publication or online platform is staying on top of breaking news and events happening
  • How and why Kate decided to create another digital media platform, The Dipp
  • How making sure the online experience is enjoyable when someone visits a website
  • The importance of taking a break to create space for more great ideas to come out
  • And so much more!

The Dipp:

Bustle Digital Group:




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