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***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*** -Crime/Mysteries/Paranormal/History- - A podcast that dives deep into the unsolved and interesting, with an unpolished and unscripted “pirate radio” style. If you like a conversational style podcast about mysterious stuff, you'll love this!! From 'PODCAST MAGAZINE' : Host Justin Rimmel does a solid job of making listeners feel like we are in the room with him while he shares particularly weird cases he comes across. If old-fashioned true-crime stories are your thing, you will certainly find them on Mysterious Circumstances, too. Justin also does a good job of being a bit skeptical when covering cases. While he doesn’t discount anything paranormal from the start, he does bring in reason and common sense. Whether you are looking for something a little different from the typical true-crime podcasts, or a little scarier, give Mysterious Circumstances a listen. - - Cover Art by Lindsay Sklarek - - You can find me on Facebook - - Instagram - - Twitter - @podcastMC - - Email - - - To support the show go to - - Or you can buy me a beer through Venmo - @mcpodcast -

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