Back To The Ring


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If you had a time machine, and not just any time machine, but a Stone Cold F316 with a DX capacitor that allowed you to take any pro wrestler and insert them into any famous match changing the course of history, who would you take and which matches would you rebook? Would you take Kenny Omega and have him form the Canadian Elite to challenge Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV? Would you see if Sasha Banks could outlast Thunder Rosa in the lights out match from St. Patrick’s Day Smash? On Back to the Ring, the newest podcast from Ship It Studios, join me the Riddler and my co-host Mr. Zak as we take fantasy booking to new levels. We don’t just make dream matches. Each wrestler is chosen for specific reasons, to appear in the right match at the right time, to create something new while also getting to revisit the classics we love. We push our creative limits further by setting up storylines to go with the new matches we give life to...don’t you want to know how Darby Allin fits into the original Kane and Undertaker saga? We’re going to be time traveling eras, crossing promotions and looking for the best challengers in the world to rewrite history with. So join us as we go...Back to the Ring.

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