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What if you could listen to a music review show where the hosts don't listen to the same music at all? Listening to the Chris and Amanda Show is like eating a delicious ice cream cone on an 80-degree day. It is the ultimate he-said-she-said show for music lovers! Every week we each pick 3 songs that we think the other has never heard before and review them. It’s like listening to your friends' conversations at lunch or coffee break. Together we rate the songs on a sliding scale of 1-5 records with 1 being a complete dumpster fire and 5 being a song that will never leave our ears. If you’re a music fan or a fan of listening to two friends share a lot of laughs, stories, and music history then this is the show for you! To get notified weekly on new show drops, just hit that subscribe or follow button wherever you're listening to the show. If you like what you hear please consider leaving us a review or rating. Thanks for listening to our show! Email the hosts:

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