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An entrepreneur by nature, DJ, radio host, and podcaster DJ 3rdletta's 22 years in the music industry have culminated into a seasoned style and vision that is true to himself. It's through his unrivalled work rate and wealth of musical experience that he has now become one of the Sooner State's most notable hustlers. Originally hailing from San Francisco, California, DJ 3rdletta is proudly a product of the streets. Teaching him to respect the grind, work, and never change who he truly is, the street perspective he garnered in his youth is responsible for the success that his adult life has seen. It was in 1999 that DJ 3rdletta first began to carve out a name for himself, releasing Oklahoma's first independent gangsta rap CD, 'Gangstaology', on the Atlanta-based imprint 404 Music Group. From here, he went on to work behind the scenes at some of the most notable labels in hip-hop, including the likes of TVT Records, Deathrow Records, and Untouched Records. After graduating from American Broadcasting School, DJ 3rdletta got a job at KVSP Power 103.5FM and created 'The 3rdletta Show', which is now Oklahoma's home of hip-hop and available to stream on all platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Youtube. On top of this, DJ 3rdletta hosts the 'Billionaire Think Tank' podcast and runs 'The PotHouse Dispensary', a medical cannabis dispensary in Oklahoma City. The definition of a true grafter, DJ 3rdletta is continuously focused on pushing his entrepreneurial adventures to the max.DJ 3rdletta is proof that hard work pays off. An Oklahoma-based DJ, radio host and podcaster, his 22 years in the music industry have resulted in a highly illustrious and successful career.DJ 3rdletta has worked for KVSP Power 103.5FM, where he founded ‘The 3rdletta Show’. He has also worked with Atlanta-based imprint 404 Music Group, TVT Records, Deathrow Records and Untouched Records. Today, DJ 3rdletta frequents the airwaves on KJMZ 97.9FM, taking radio to the next level.

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