123: What We’re Doing to Survive this Coronavirus Weirdness // 3 in 30 Team


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Today is National 3 in 30 Day! (Yes that's made up...but seriously, it's 3/30! We need to do something to celebrate!)

In this week’s special episode, my 3 team members each share three takeaways for how they are surviving the weirdness of coronavirus and a family quarantine--how they are managing their kids and their mental health and trying to make it through a really difficult situation.

I will also discuss what it has been like for my family after learning that Ryan and I both contracted Covid-19.

If you want to feel less alone right now, listen to this episode. I know you will hear from a mom that you can relate to.

Three Takeaways from Hannah Winslow on how to enjoy quarantine

  1. Try something new
  2. Keep celebrating
  3. Record it

Three Takeaways from Molly Alexander on coping skills when you're feeling low

  1. Add the phrase "...and that’s okay" at the end of a difficult thought.
  2. Use "stepladder" thinking to get yourself to a different thought.
  3. Loosen your grip on what you MUST do to be happy.

Three Takeaways from Christy Elder on things your kids can do by themselves..

  1. Creative playtime
  2. 1-hour quiet time
  3. Helping with daily cleaning (zones)


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