536: How the Corporate tax cut and GST cuts will impact the economy


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On Friday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made two important announcements- one that corporate tax rates would be slashed and the second, GST rates for certain items will be cut. Both these moves are meant to boost the economy which is the midst of a slowdown. First, Udit Misra, who writes on the economy for the Indian Express, talks about the GST cuts- could this move have been undertaken in a better manner? What will its overall impact on the consumption slowdown be? Next, Ishan Bakshi, who is part of the editorial team, talks about the corporate tax rate cuts. Will it increase investment and create jobs? Last, why the NDA-II government will face its first test next month when two key BJP-ruled states — Maharashtra and Haryana, go to polls in less than a month.

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