How and when to talk politics with Dr. Tania Israel, author of 'Beyond Your Bubble'


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It's an art to know how to talk politics with people we disagree with, and also when to do it. Psychologist and professor Dr. Tania Israel (The Today Show, NPR's 'All Things Considered') is here to help. In the first episode of '3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney' from WKYC studios, Dr. Israel, the author of 'Beyond Your Bubble,' shares how to reach across the political divide, and when to walk away. Plus, 3News' Tiffany Tarpley joins Stephanie to share the 'Need To Know' hidden gem she found on the east side of Cleveland. To close things out, Stephanie leaves you with 'A Good Follow,' Ian Meadows (@urbanetics_), with his stunning photos of Downtown Cleveland and his love for the "Renaissance" of our fair city. Check out Dr. Israel's book, 'Beyond Your Bubble,' and her workshops here: Download Dr. Israel's 'Flowchart That Will Resolve All Political Conflict In Our Country' here: A Good Follow: Connect with Dr. Tania Israel: Connect with Tiffany Tarpley: Connect with Stephanie Haney:

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