When it's not OK to skip your doctor's appointment, with Dr. Neha Vyas from the Cleveland Clinic


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On this week's 3 Things to Know with Stephanie Haney podcast, Board certified family physician Dr. Neha Vyas, MD from the Cleveland Clinic Department of Family Medicine explains why it's a problem that people are skipping standard medical checkups, what exactly is at stake if people miss important screenings and how health providers are keeping people safe during necessary visits. Plus, 3News reporter Amani Abraham shares why the Ledges Overlook in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the refreshing spot you Need to Know in NEO, and Stephanie breaks down why fitness, mindset and nutrition coach Lauren Masidonski is such A Good Follow on Instagram. Lauren is also the cohost a of the Cheeky Vibe + Peaceful Life podcast, where Stephanie joined her and her cohost Michele Maas for a chat in May of 2020. Check out the Cleveland Clinic's yearly checklist guide to medical screenings here: https://www.wkyc.com/article/syndication/podcasts/3-things-to-know/when-its-not-ok-to-skip-your-doctors-appointment-what-checkups-to-get-every-year-3-things-to-know-with-stephanie-haney-podcast-cleveland-clinic-doctor/95-a2ecd20f-4208-4c14-82e0-58a07632213a Need to Know in NEO: The Ledges Overlook in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park https://www.nps.gov/cuva/the-ledges.htm Connect with 3News' Amani Abraham here: http://twitter.com/amaniabraham A Good Follow: Fitness, mindset and nutrition coach Lauren Masidonski https://www.instagram.com/laurenmasidonski/ Listen to the Lauren and her Cheeky Vibe + Peaceful Life podcast cohost Michele Mass chat with Stephanie: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/get-inspired-our-emmy-award-winning-guest-stephanie/id1490151723?i=1000473519610 Connect with Stephanie Haney here: http://twitter.com/_StephanieHaney http://instagram.com/_StephanieHaney http://facebook.com/thestephaniehaney

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