Women Changing Leadership with Stacy Mayer


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We are entering a new dawn of executive leadership. A new era where inclusivity, diversity, empathy, and compassion are both welcomed and expected at the leadership table. On Women Changing Leadership, we believe women are the leaders who are bringing about this change, and each week we share strategies and insights to help women like you advance to the executive suite on your terms. Your host, Stacy Mayer, is a bestselling author, a certified executive coach, a promotion strategist, and the creator of Executive Ahead of Time, a life-time access group coaching program for corporate women leaders. In each episode of Women Changing Leadership, Stacy will teach you how to get promoted, get paid, and bring your whole self to the leadership table. Join Stacy on her mission to transform the way business is run from the C-Suite out – one powerhouse woman leader at a time.

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