Episode 177: Why Mike Austin Is Talking About Promotion and Relegation to College Students


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Michael Austin is a Professor of Philosophy at Eastern Kentucky University. He teaches, writes, and speaks about topics in ethics, family, and sports just to name a few.

He has published 11 books. Some of which are intended for scholars, but most are for people with an interest in how philosophical reflection can be applied to everyday life. Mike recently taught an entire course dealing with ethics in sports and we explored that topic in this conversation.

He is a high school soccer coach and is passionate about the beautiful game.

I came across Mike’s name as I was searching for additional information about Raymond Verhijen. Mike actually referenced my interview with Raymond in one of his short published articles.

After requesting this interview with Mike, I realized that he was actually our newest 3four3 coaching member. So that was kind of cool.

You can connect with Mike on Twitter. You can also visit his website.

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