The Ever-Evolving Customer Journey


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Oversimplifying the customer journey can have serious impacts on your ability to provide buyers with the information they need to make an informed purchase. Today on the 3Q Digital Download podcast, host Joe Kerschbaum dives into navigating a customer journey as complex as the human experience. Joe is joined by Amanda Farley, Partner at SS Digital and Co-Founder of a tattoo and art studio, who recently led a session at SMX West called, “People Do Not Live in a Silo and Neither Should Your Strategy”. Together, they cover:

  • What the customer journey is
  • How to define your customers’ journey
  • Why traditional views of the customer journey are ill-conceived
  • Why marketers so frequently misunderstand who their actual customers are
  • What “high funnel tunnel vision” means and why you should avoid it
  • Creating a multi-tiered approach
  • And much more!

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