Cool Gadgets That Are At Another Level


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We've found 5 cool tech gadgets you'll want to use every day. I hope you guys enjoy today's video, Let us know what you think in the comments below. Cool Gadgets That Are At Another Level - THIS JUG CAN PURIFY YOUR WATER Links: 01- MAYU : 02- The FLUXBAG: 03- The Every Day Calendar: 04- Barner 2.0: 05- The Flare Warmest Shirt : 01- MAYU |Keep Your Water Healthy with a Natural Swirling Motion Activate and enhance your drinking water with a flowing whirlpool. Aerate, detoxify, and improve the taste and quality of your water. MAYU science gadgets turns and keeps your water fresh and healthy in its natural flowing state. Because when water is moving around, the oxygenation triggers subtle chemical chain reactions that cleanse it of compounds that really shouldn’t be there in the first place. A water purifier jug. 02- The FLUXBAG - Inflate anything with just ONE breath Everybody hates blowing up anything inflatable, be it air mattresses or pool toys. They demand us to bite into flimsy PVC valves and to exhaust our lungs. They threaten to ruin our supposedly nice day at the beach or camping ground right from the start. 03- The Every Day Calendar by Simone Giertz What is one small thing that would improve your life if you just did it every day? It could be anything, big or small. Like flossing, reading, writing, doing yoga, eating churros, doing sit ups (while eating churros), practicing an instrument or learning a new word. @gadgets 04- Barner 2.0 | The Ultimate Computer Glasses Barner is high quality and stylish eyewear to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light of digital devices. It will provide you a better sleep and a healthier life. 05- The Flare World's Warmest Shirt w3X Phone Charging by Blanc Mount Blanc is a symbol of exploration which is home to hiking, skiing, paragliding, mountain biking, ice climbing, travel and on and on. ---------------------------------------- #gadgets #coolgadgets #technology #newinventions #inventions #tech

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