36 - Beach 4x4 Carnage at Robe - Part II


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We continue our discussion with Brian, one of the 4x4earth moderators.

We discuss tyre pressures. Too many people don't deflate or they deflate enough. What is the right tyre pressure? How often should you check the tyre pressure?

What equipment do you need?

People see a lot of ads on TV about 4WDs driving along the sand at high speed with sand going everywhere. Is this realistic? Should you drive like that?

What factors contribute to rollovers?

What time of day is the best for 4 wheel driving down on the beach?

What about gears? High or Low? Second or Third? How should you be thinking about the gears as you drive through the sand?

Don't forget your sand flag!

We finish up with a discussion about the importance of trip leaders. They are fundamental in helping new owners of 4 wheel drives to help them get off road and have a great time and make sure that they go out offroad for a second time.

Also the Granites.

Have you ever driven up onto the Granites and taken a photo?

Someone had when we went there. The track marks are fresh. Could this be one of the most iconic 4 wheel drive photos that you can get with your 4 wheel drive?

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