37 - Rally Driving with Bruce Garland


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We talk with Bruce Garland who has a huge amount of experience in 4WD rally driving. He has done some awesome rallies and we look at how he got started and why and what adventures he has had.

Bruce shares his experiences doing the Dakar rally. He talks about driving some of the huge dunes.

What does it talk to do a Dakar rally? What kind of driving is it? What do you have to do to be in the Dakar? How much does it cost? What is the role of the rally support team?

How do you navigate in a race where there are no roads and you are travelling at 150 km / h?

How dangerous is the Dakar rally? Dehydration and fatigue can create significant problems for drivers and navigators?

Bruce has done 5 Dakars and is one of Australia's most experienced rally drivers and has some amazing stories to share.

We talk about the accident that broke Bruce's back and how he recovered from it.

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