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As CEO, lead content developer and head trainer at UnifiedMindfulness.com, Julianna is devoted to deepening people's understanding of research-supported mindfulness and empowering anyone to guide others in its practice. She has trained individuals, groups, and organizations in the practice of mindfulness for two decades and she developed the official teacher training program for the Unified Mindfulness system, designed by Shinzen young. With more than 150 weeks of immersive silent retreat training in both the mindfulness and Zen traditions, Julianna has completed over 20,000 hours of formal practice. Her brain has been studied in neuroscience labs at Vanderbilt, UNM, and UCLA. She also designed and led the training for a workplace research study which was carried out under noted mindfulness researcher David Creswell out of Carnegie Mellon University. That study showed positive outcomes for improved employee well-being and lower stress. Julianna co-authored papers from the study published in two prominent science journals: Mindfulness, and the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. A novel aspect of the protocol was an emphasis on the application of mindfulness techniques in daily life, which is a strength of the Unified Mindfulness approach.

In this episode, Karen and Julianna discuss:

  • Success Story of Julianna
  • Commit to Get Leads
    • Use your attention to recognize what is causing you to have resistance and discover what it feels like, then be willing to accept that feeling and do it anyway.
  • Consult to Sell
    • Remove those things that are getting in your way of making quality connections with others.
  • Connect to Build and Grow
    • Reduce the friction in your sensory system to reduce burn out. This can be done even by simply consciously relaxing when you find yourself tensing throughout the day.
  • Success Thinking, Activities and Vision
    • Use the opportunities we have now to discover what is right for you and learn the inward skills needed for the rest of your life.
  • Sweet Spot of Success

"It’s about discovering what is right for you at a given time, but understanding, at the root of it all, are these three attention skills: concentration, sensory clarity, equanimity."- Julianna Raye

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