2021 08 10


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sent $$$ this week to Lavender Angels in Sacramento.
“A queer-identity, antifascist affinity group focused on community safety and protection without policing. To support our work, it takes a community. It is a symbiotic relationship of a need that must be filled, and those who fill it. We currently operate our mutual aid water distros and our community defense patrols, where we provide KYR material, access to medical assistance and a myriad of other community defense tools. This work is expensive, but it’s necessary. Do your part, share donate and support to the cause. It takes all of us to keep us safe.”
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(intro by omar)
Lawn “Rats” Blood on the Tracks
Itasca “Wet Meadow” Morning Flower
Jo Passed “Millennial Trash Blues” Their Prime
tough boy “reflect” my friend, water
Parlor Walls “Neuromancer” EXO
The Young Sinclairs “Dead End Street” This is the Young Sinclairs
Stef Chura “Sour Honey” Degrees b/w Sour Honey
Lisa/Liza “Encounters” Barn Coat EP
Bitchen Seahorse “Megalodon” Bitchyyyn Seahorse E.P. 2018
Weird Radicals “Agoraphobic” Flight of Fancy
Shamir “Room” Room
Baby Jessica “Where Body” Naked Solidarity
Preening “PO Box” Greasetrap Frisbee
Rob Magill “Love To Those Who Say!” From The Year 1842
Ovef Ow “Hootie Hottie” Crash The Party
Purpur Spytt “A Fake Vision Of Me” Nitpick & Split
Man Made Hill “Garbage Police” FINGERTIP
Secretary Legs “Windblown and Well Versed” Cool Myths
No thank you “Space To Grieve” All It Takes To Ruin It All
Womb “When the Night Breaks Up” Like Splitting the Head From the Body

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