2021 08 31


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sent $$$ this week to Imagine Water Works in Louisiana.
“Imagine Water Works is reimagining the future through art, science, and human connection. Our core focus areas are water management, climate justice, and disaster readiness and response / mutual aid.
We create resources, learning opportunities, and mutual aid networks to survive and thrive both today and in the future. In all of our work, we honor the fact that people who have been pushed to the margins are the exact same people who know how to build a better future for themselves and their communities, even when the future feels uncertain. As such, we’re holding space for who are too often pushed out: Indigenous people, Black and Brown folks, LGBTQ and nonbinary people, two-spirits, farmers and artists, immigrants, young people and the elderly, disabled people, writers and filmmakers, poor people, those with less formal education, and everyone living at the intersections of these identities.
This fund will support relief and recovery efforts *led by locals* in the wake of #HurricaneIda, as well as essential preparation for the rest of hurricane season: https://bit.ly/IdaRelief.

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(intro by omar)
Ruby Karinto “Fox’s Wedding” self titled (aka “spray bottle”) LP
Marsha & Lars “Pungent Defeat” Species Discovery
Palberta “In My Fame - Jug!” Roach Goin’ Down
A.O. Gerber “Summers/Wait” Fathers EP
Pllush “Ortega” Stranger to the Pain
Lazy Legs “Soft Skull” Chain of Pink
Dog Tears “cellophane” be happy for other people
Petal “Magic Gone” Magic Gone
NOVA ONE “where you are” secret princess
Wet Dip “Emperor” Demo
Patti “Separate:Operate” Bad Back EP
Marina Allen “Are You Laughing Yet?” Rabbit Rabbit
Double Grave “Laetitia” Empty Hands
MOURN “Candle Man” Sorpresa Familia
GOSH! “The Dishwasher ” Odyssey
Good Morning “Just a Man” Prize // Reward
Moon Racer “Friendly Ghost” Is It Really a Secret?
Flesh Narc “Optical Intrusion” Songs of Reality
Julius Smack “Fog, Pink Mountaintop” Computer Folk
Wizard Apprentice “My Body Like Obsidian” Computer Folk

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