2021 09 21


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sent $$$ this week to Black Freedom Factory in San Antonio.
“BFF will be assisting in Del Rio this Saturday by distributing cooling kits to our friends at the border as thousands wait to be processed and detained.
Seeking asylum is NOT illegal and it is in every person’s right to do so.”

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(intro by omar)
New Junk City “Easier in Time” Easier in Time / Moon Down
The Finks “Peter Out” Rolly Nice
Sunday Night Heat “Mr. Privilege” Piledriver
gash “man parts are scary” haha
Goon “Ten Tables” Happy Omen
Skirts “Breather” Bus Dream
Vintage Crop “American Living” New Age
LOMA “Relay Runner” Loma
Einschlagen “Orchid” An Afternoon in 2018
Jac Aranda “Free to Choose” Real Dreams
Nate Terepka “Sunlight Farms” Sunlight Farm
Plastic Bubble “Waverly Beat Piece” Any Big Adventure
Groupie “Cannibal Wave” Validated
Deliluh “No I.D. Denied” Day Catcher
plant food “you in front of the chapel” koalas hug trees to keep cool
Christian fitness “group fink” nuance - the musical
Cinder Well “The Unconscious Echo” The Unconscious Echo
Spring Onion “my parking tweetar” I Did My Taxes For Free Online
Say Sue Me “But I Like You” Where We Were Together

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