2021 09 28


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sent $$$ this week to Norcal Resist’s Humanitarian Parole Applications support.
“Sacramento is home to the largest community of resettled Afghan immigrants in the US. The current upheaval in Afghanistan has left many local Afghan people scared for relatives they left behind. Many have been trying for months, even years, to help relatives leave Afghanistan, but the process is incredibly slow and difficult.
Humanitarian Parole allows folks to enter the US, with opportunity to then apply to regularize their status through family adjustment, asylum, or other legal pathways. Unfortunately, it is extremely expensive, costing $575 PER PERSON per family– even infants. We are raising funds to be able to cover this tremendous cost for 25 families at our upcoming pro se Humanitarian Parole clinic.
Thank you for your support of our local immigrant community!”

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(intro by omar)
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