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5G is coming soon, and you need to be prepared. We’re here to help. The 5G Guys Podcast is a friendly resource for industry insiders and newcomers alike to explore anything and everything about wireless telecommunications. Dan McVaugh and Wayne Smith discuss, explain, and explore all things wireless technology on the show. You’ll find out what it means for your business or personal life when we talk about topics like 5G, 4G LTE networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Health & Safety, Business & Finance - as well as other wireless topics that are important in today's world. Listen now! Subscribe so you don't miss an episode! And if you want more information on any of our episodes or topics discussed on the show - check out our website at www.5gguys.com where we have links to articles from various sources with additional information related to each topic we cover on the podcast! If there's something specific you want us to cover contact us at www.5gguys.com/contact-2 with your request! We're always happy to hear from listeners who have questions or comments they'd like addressed on future shows too!

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