6. The Building of Things with Bill Douglas


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Opticwise CEO, Bill Douglas, joins Dan and Wayne to discuss how technology is enabling commercial real estate to increase tenant occupancy and retention as well as drive higher revenues. The resulting impact is improved Net Operating Income and asset value. By combining traditional networks like Wi-Fi with advanced controllers and SaaS systems, commercial real estate can eliminate the numerous disparate external telecom services that provide no direct value and provide tenants a holistic data/telecom experience the building owner controls and monetizes without dependency on external service providers. We talk through the technical as well as business dynamics of this new approach to leveraging wireless as the 4th Utility.


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  • Get to know Bill
  • The technology Bill and his Company uses to solve problems
  • Why property owners should be thinking differently
  • Keep your passwords protected
  • The future problem Bill predicts
  • The similarities in Bill’s clientele
  • What will be enabled in a 5G world

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