Spotlight on China – A land of vast scale and opportunity


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On the podcast this week we are turning the spotlight to China and exploring how the traditionally tea-drinking country is rapidly growing into one of the most dynamic and opportune coffee markets in the world. From billion-dollar valuations for start-up coffee companies to a breathtaking number of new café openings, the Chinese coffee market is a machine you cannot ignore.
In this episode, we’ll be speaking with the COO of multi-national coffee shop chain Costa Coffee, a two-time Chinese Barista Champion, and a local coffee machine distributor to better understand this burgeoning market and explore the breadth and scale of opportunities for coffee brands in China.
Shakir Moin, Chief Operating Officer of Costa Coffee, outlines the astounding speed at which the Chinese coffee market is developing and why he estimates China will soon be among Costa Coffee’s top three coffee markets globally.
Jeremy Zhang, a two-time Chinese Barista Champion and founder of café and roastery M2M Coffee Roasters and UNiUNi Coffee, shares how the growth and innovation in China extend to even the most bespoke end of the specialty coffee market.
Gordon Chang, General Manager, La Marzocco China, provides an insight into China’s tea-drinking culture and the continued growth he sees for artisan coffee across the country.
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