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Welcome to the official feed of Minionworks - home of Troublesome Times in Tumbleson County™, Welcome to Dooneyland™, On Top of Mount Shasta™ and other actual-play RPG podcasts! Troublesome Times in Tumbleson County™ is a weekly series set in 1933 Not-Mississippi, near the end of Prohibition, in a county full of monsters, demons, and pure evil... and that's just the citizens. Welcome to Dooneyland™ is a limited series set in a present-day alternate universe where Iowa farmer-turned-animator Harland Dooney's world-famous theme park isn't called the "Most Magical Place Anywhere" for nothing. On Top of Mount Shasta™ is part Twin Peaks, part Gravity Falls, part Dirk Gently, and all weirdness set in 1997 Northern California. Minionworks is also partnered with Freelance Heroism, a 5E "Curse of Strahd" adventure made by some of our fans! Find out more about us at!

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