7FF 286: Making an IMPACT (this is WHY your success matters)…


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I want you to know something.
You owe it to yourself and the world to work hard and be successful at whatever you do.
I wholesale and flip houses.
I run mentoring groups to help others do the same.
Why? Because I know that the more we push ourselves to succeed in this business, the more opportunities we each have to make an impact on the world.
That’s what this business is about, for me.
Making money is great.
Having more freedom and time to do what we love is great.
But those things are great because they allow us to do GOOD and give back and help others… our families, our communities, and the causes we care about.
This is why you MUST succeed.
I work about 2 hours per week in my real estate investing business.
I’m thankful that my business has reached a point where that’s the case…
…because it means I can pour more of my time into making an impact.
On today’s episode of the podcast, I’m doing something different.
This isn’t going to be about real estate.
Instead, I want you to meet someone very important.
Every year at Flip Hacking LIVE, we support a charity.
One organization we’ve had the privilege of working very closely with is Operation Underground Railroad… a group of guys and gals on the frontlines of saving children from human trafficking around the world.
And when I say “frontlines,” I mean it…
They’re the ones going on sting operations and kicking down doors to rescue these kids.
Supporting their mission is a big part of why we do what we do…
…and today, I’ve brought Matt Osborne from O.U.R. onto the podcast to take you behind the scenes of the work they’re doing and the sad reality of why it’s necessary.

We all got into house flipping and wholesaling for our own reasons.
We all have our “why.”
For me, supporting causes like Operation Underground Railroad is part of my “why.”
And regardless of what causes or charities you support, I want to encourage you to stay focused on the impact you’re making.
Wake up every day and remind yourself WHY you’re in this business.
The world needs you to succeed.
The world needs you to give it your all.
Keep learning, growing, and taking action…
…and I’ll catch you on the flip side!

Links & Resources

Want to join me in supporting Operation Underground Railroad? One of the most powerful ways we can help their cause is by donating financially.

If that’s something you’d like to do, click the link below… and for anyone who donates $100 or more, send a receipt of your donation to info@houseflippinghq.com and I’ll mail you a free O.U.R. t-shirt!

CLICK HERE to Donate & Support Operation Underground Railroad >>

Any amount helps the cause. So if it’s on your heart to give and be part of the mission of this incredible organization, thank you!

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