7FF 288: How to free yourself from the “entrepreneur’s curse” (so you can work ON your business instead of IN it)…


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You can’t grow your business until you break through the “ceiling.”
What’s the “ceiling?”
The “ceiling” is the upper limit of what’s possible with the systems, processes, and strategies you’re using right now.
Doesn’t matter if you’re new to real estate investing or if you’re doing 100 deals per year…
…there is ALWAYS a ceiling.
And your next level of growth is always on the OTHER SIDE of that ceiling.
So, if you want to flip or wholesale more houses…
If you want to make more money…
If you want to get more operationally efficient…
If you want to free up more of your time…
…you have to break through the ceiling.
The problem is, most house flippers and wholesalers don’t know where the ceiling is.
They don’t know what the limiting factors are in their business.
They don’t know what they’re doing wrong or where they need to improve.
They aren’t tracking and measuring the right numbers.
They don’t know what specific things are holding them back.
And as a result, they can’t see the ceiling… much less what’s on the other side of it.
This is where Dan Coleman works his magic.
Dan is an EOS consultant.
EOS stands for “Entrepreneurial Operating System,” and there’s been a lot of talk about it in the real estate investing world over the past year or two.
Simply put, EOS is a set of tools you can use to find your ceiling and smash through it.
I recently brought Dan into my business to help us implement EOS.
And the changes we’ve seen already have been incredible.
So I asked Dan to join me on the podcast today to dig into the details of what he does and how it works…
Let’s dive in!

Links & Resources

To learn more about EOS, head over to EOSWorldwide.com for tools, books, and other resources!

And make sure to read the books Traction and Rocket Fuel if you haven’t already!

If you’re ready to have someone like Dan working directly with your business to help you implement the systems we talked about in this episode, reach out to Dan’s team at admin@rockettraction.com.

Also, my COO Nate Johnson and I are holding a live event in Nashville in early December where we’re going to break down how to find, hire and train your COO to “run your business” the way Nate runs Blackjack Real Estate. Seats are limited… so if you want to learn more and sign up for a spot, head over to Dash2Live.com!

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